Volunteer to be a Peer Buddy

Hand in Hand Islington – A Volunteer Peer Buddy Scheme 

A new programme that will train and support volunteers to accompany local people in  Islington with mental health issues to appointments, services, activities and events.  

We are looking for Peer Buddies to offer at least a day a week to: 

• Remind people of appointments. 

• Support people by helping them travel to appointments that they would struggle to  get to on their own, and being with them to provide support and reassurance. • Help others by providing conversations that are reassuring, friendly and helpful. • Assist linking others by offering information and signposting to local services and  activities. 

What you will gain volunteering as Peer Buddies

• Opportunities to improve work related planning, service and communication skills  and get training on how to be a Peer Worker 

• Links into local employment specialists for employment support and advice to find  paid roles. 

• Gain confidence and work readiness through volunteering in your community.  • An up-to-date reference. 

• Advice and support to assist with your role. 

• An opportunity to give back to your community by providing an essential service. Upcoming training for Peer Buddies

Training is online over four days and lasts from 9.30am until 4.30pm where you will learn  all aspects of peer support, with lots of breaks and variety! Provisional training dates are:- Mon 21st March, Thurs 24th March, Mon 28th March, Thurs 31st March. 

If you have experience of mental health problems, want to make a real difference in  your local community, learn new skills, meet new people and gain great experience, get  in touch and book a place! Let us know if you have any challenges getting online but are  interested in the training. 

To register your interest, add your details and questions to  https://tinyurl.com/peerbud and we will give you a call. 

To have a chat about the role, ring Stephen Gardner on 07738 236 041 or email  stephen@manorgardenscentre.org 

Proudly brought to you by Manor Garden’s Welfare Trust, Islington MIND, Camden and Islington NHS Foundation  Trust, (LBI) Islington Council & The SidebySide Network

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