Opportunity for Service User rep for C&I Charity Advisory Group


Role Description for a patient, service user or carer member

We are currently inviting expressions of interest for a service user member to sit on the C&I Charity Advisory Group.

The C&I Charity is the charity of Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust.

The aims are:

To assist and support the mental health, wellbeing and recovery of the Trust service users within the wider local communities of Camden, Islington and Kingston by providing additional support and resources not normally available through the statutory authorities.

The Charity Advisory Group

The purpose of the Charity Advisory Group is:

  • to steer the development and impact of the Trust’s Charitable Funds.
  • support and promote the identity of the charity and
  • approve grants which will have a beneficial impact on the patients, service users, carers and staff of Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust.

This role

The primary purpose of this role is to represent, and be a voice for patients, service users and carers on the Charity Advisory Group. This is not formal employment, and engagement is on a voluntary / Service User Involvement basis in line with relevant C&I policies, including Reward and Recognition. If you are in receipt of DWP benefits which are means tested or which limit your weekly hours of activity we strongly advise seeking advice from a Benefits Advice service before undertaking this role.


The Charity Advisory Groupreports, and is accountable, to The Board of Camden Islington NHS Foundation Trust.


The key responsibilities for this role are;

  1. Attend monthly meetings, which may be in person or via video platforms, and if unable to do so to ensure the meeting coordinator is notified as far as possible in advance of the meeting.
  2. To take a full and active part in the business considered in the meeting, mainly, but not exclusively representing and being the voice of patients, service users, and carers.
  3. To treat the content of the meetings as confidential, unless the Charity Advisory Group agrees to look for feedback from outside the group.
  4. To read the papers related to the charity business between meetings in your own time, and to keep these documents confidential. To submit agenda items for the meetings in good time for the agenda to be prepared.
  5. Members are required to declare any potential conflicts of interest in advance of their joining the group. If any such conflicts arise during the process they must be declared immediately. Where such a conflict may arise the member may be asked to excuse themselves for the whole or part of a meeting.

Skills and Experience & Other Requirements

The following skills and experience are required to fulfil this role
Be a current or former patient/ service user, or a carer of a current or former patient / service user of C&I NHS Foundation Trust
To live or work in the boroughs of Camden, Islington or Kingston, and to have personal experience of mental health challenges.Y
To be willing and able to attend 12 daytime meetings a year either face to face or virtuallyY
To have a strong network with patients, service users and carers,Y
Ability to express an opinion in a clear, coherent and structured manner
Have the confidence to be a “critical friend”, the ability to balance a range of opinions respectfully work towards a consensus and to reach decisions, which maximize the impact of charitable fundsY
To be digitally literate and capable of downloading and reading large documents, and to have a computer capable of running MS Teams.
Experience of working, volunteering or fundraising for a charity, or, of making, evaluating or receiving grants.
Experience of collaborative decision making, co-production or co-operative working.
To be able to demonstrate? To hold… .Fairness, Integrity, Discernment in undertaking this role?


Please send written applications telling us a little about yourself, and how you meet the above criteria to: Dionne.Holness@candi.nhs.uk by March 31st 2021.

If you have disabilities or access needs which may potentially affect your involvement with the Trust Charity Advisory Group please bring these to our attention and we will work with you to identify practical solutions. We are open to applications from all members of the diverse community that C&I NHS Foundation Trust serves.

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